How about this to save theatre and people? 

In light of uniting the organisation in helping towards a common goal

Everyone stays on their current contracts, but for those that are willing to volunteer and can afford it, that for a period of time (*to be discussed – 6 months, year  etc ?? ) there is a an amendment where  an additional amount of unpaid leave is built in, (to be discussed 2 weeks, 4 week ?? etc ) to be booked in and used as and when, like paid holiday and an option to return to the original contract if the employee would like at the end of the above period *

This is technically a reduction in hours which will be difficult for some , but not for others – hence asking for volunteers – but it keeps jobs and saves money until times are better, the organisation may unite and enough may volunteer for it. Thus saving jobs, protecting those in need, saving money and redundancy payments, not to mention simplifying admin as it’s the same amendment for all.

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