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Well you have it ..
Just what are you going to go with it? yes or no ?

Shows went down a storm with our audiences today – cast and team lovely . Shame we did not sell more- how to lose a grand – but cheers of appreciation and shows were really fab :)) want to do… Continue reading

I went to see it
Was quite interesting but I thought it might actually be about ‘his’ weird world rather than a montage of stories … was strange, though enjoyable, if a bit unsatisfactory .

If I sell them I… Continue reading

Perhaps I should have cancelled it – too late now .

Want to come along tomorrow – got an hour and 20 free?

Well, you have my application
up to you

20 years
Feel sad today


not sure you should bring it back for that long … maybe – suppose is not long in your world – was worthy

Why does no one reply – having made an effort to spend an hour there.

My arm is knackered after tenant hoo ha- am upset ‘cos it still does not work properly .want it to get better 🙁

Can I help you – I want to help you – do you want a plumbers mate 🙂

So I have …
But the formatting is not working on the form very well and the date when you ‘read more’ is incorrect… no idea who one calls…anyway – have tried with best offered ….;)

A&C at NT was very good . He was excellent , as was she . Was prob 30 mins too long and the first half is better than second – but it was delivered with such clarity , it made… Continue reading

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