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That was a really beautiful double bill at ROH

Dances was delicate and the pianist was super. The cellist is a staggering achievement ,  was just lovely – moved

Would have like to have seen it with u.

def worth a watch 

There’s a car mechanic in me yet 😉

steering back … 


I was worried about letting myself in…. so gave you your keys back

You said – to go away

If I had let myself in

If you had opened the door.


My car power steering failed today…. another thing… Continue reading

Is nice with you there .

u flinched / but then so did I 

its about 3 metres …  

Whats the worst that would happen ..

what did you think ? Perfs were good. Set was nice .. play is… Continue reading


You met him once.  My sis came up to meet me ( there) he was a year or two  old . Life hey . still – I couldn’t do that . Or play drums. 


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There are so many things I want to tell you , or just one , as wide as the sea ..

( wish I was good enough to do that )


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