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I’d rather sell them.. as I don’t have the time or money to do what I want to do …. it all takes over…and it’s the bit that has to give and then I feel sad and resentful … 

I… Continue reading

Where are you ?
Do I get to see you ?
How do I share my suggestion to you – without the world ??

Bored of losing £ on mine- but enthusiastic about creating a couple of new shows… somehow …

Sun cheered me

Gallery , lunch in an Italian ( a colleague recommended ) cinema ( though film was mediocre ) nice cinema though ( unusual to find Molton Brown in the toilets! ) my favourite MB is the tobacco… Continue reading

I learnt a bit and listened to some nice music – not that one can see from there –
apart from what you’d put in front of me.

That was a very long day …
Not sure the last time I saw 4 am – weirdly, I think is was to watch pink footed geese migrate – which was actually quite spectacular.

Anyway – duties done to varying… Continue reading

Will miss you ..

seems ages away -can I see you before then?

Hey ho 

well, you knew it would divide them ….

do u want to know my thoughts…

i fancy you .

… that’s a bit better … … Continue reading

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