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Anyway , I’m away with mum on the other one .  But guess u know that 

I understand, but I don’t know the answer – if you can ? with or without the complications . 

I had an urge to send a valentines Card 

I resisted , though I am unsure why  , on reflection that seemed no fun at all … ah well – instead a very happy valentines – to the person I’d… Continue reading

The payment Confirmation screen doesn’t work .The transactions go through but it appears blank .

is the other SO? 

Been a bit of a mad day . 


Despite flat hoo has – has been quite a nice day – lunch with a friend , then fell asleep on sofa , drove to London , dinner with another friend and a weird and fascinating concert at RFH

and… Continue reading

Night ? You took the other away from me and now you are giving it back? 

Stay, go, go , stay…. what did you do with my form? you could have said yes!

That would have been quite fun 😉… Continue reading

;((( sad- wanted to sell my flat and has all fallen through ….after such a flippin’ long wait. 


Why do you want me to go to those ?

to tell you about them ?

but you are not there and It makes me miss you 😘 which is why … I … 

Ok – I’m not sure which you want me to do? You’ve snapped them on top of each other . I like most of them , but more so with you . 

Are you re jigging the G dates?? 

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