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I liked Judy – was a bit sad .

Makes one wonder what it’s all about … 

and then , there is U , what does one do about that . 

Oh … 

I’ll  assume you know 

if not, you better arrive early 

The last scene in Manon this evening with Lauren and Matthew was amazingly beautiful.

i have you on my mind at the moment .

i have my father on my mind too.- I was thinking about the last words I… Continue reading

Erm, well – Not sure The Joker was quite what I had anticipated . Was very depressing and violent … maybe not my cup of tea … 

I dreamt of you last night .

that you held me tight for a long time and I wanted you to stay with me .

This evening , as I exited the station there was a girl begging for money… Continue reading

Loving Don P at ROH tonight 

shame u are missing – but fab seat and 5 stars from me and it’s only the interval .

take the ‘back to sch’ ones off! or change to half term? insert – it’s all just an exhausting puzzle – i came with a suggestion – do you want it? or already discovered it? I’m not sure what I… Continue reading

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