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Why don’t you or they ever consider my applications?

It’s all such hard work on two and eight

I am sure I deserve more
I wasn’t sure about booking as I feel upset by the whole thing

It’s so sad – they have absolutely  ruined something that was so nice – heartbreaking 

Order of service
Toccata and Fugue


  1. Can I ? ( ? You  were supposed to re align it )?


Feel upset – ruined my  love of going .

don’t suppose anyone will be brave enough to address the issue – you can cut the atmosphere with a knife 

WN 5

Submitted it- ’tis up to you 

I went to bed too late….sigh 

I’d really like to do that role  for you and to have funding to do a few projects alongside in my own time .  


I renewed manually – ‘cos the system has a fault and it doesn’t stay on a selected card . 

Something for you to look into if you want auto renewals .



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