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Done . 4 u 

Though manually  

seems to be an auto glitch  




it doesn’t  seem to want to default to my main card – and even having called them, it still doesn’t …so .. me thinks will h ave to do it manually sometime …

what excitement beholds you today ?

And yes… it comes complete with houses , pillar boxes, telephone boxes , sheep and trees ! 

Thought I might sort the train set out !!

erm , well 

step one – it’s down from the loft 

step two – cup of tea 🙂 


Can’t get in the groove today ,though I did a couple of my online training modules … a few more to complete .

It is all very weird isn’t it ..

Hope my info arrives in the post soon.

Are… Continue reading

How did you spend your day ?

its like being a Hamster in a cage … though I seem to have lots of things to do at the moment ..

i ran a new route this am – 5 miles… Continue reading

Strange times 

I was looking forward to seeing you – alas 

x fingers we survive world events 


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