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Managed to get a hair cut after 4 months 

how come you were allowed one earlier !

was good.

what would i have done?

The script is funny – I’d have given it to someone like Emma Chambers, if she’d been alive, alternatively Dawn French. πŸ˜‰ 

Woo hoo – 5 miles -48 mins

and I discovered today that a group of gold finches were called a charm – isn’t that nice πŸ‘ 

I do

Do you … 

β€˜cos it’s a bore that I miss you 


How about this to save theatre and people? 

In light of uniting the organisation in helping towards a common goal

Everyone stays on their current contracts, but for those that are willing to volunteer and can afford it, that for… Continue reading

Five and a half miles this am – was very hot .

what are you doing today? 

I found a very nice carpet that I’d like to buy  – but it’s Β£41 sqm + fitting . my room is only… Continue reading

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