Irrational Thoughts

When -next in together ?

safety in numbers 

one i would like to do , but out of my reach .

can I help you if a goer ?


Am assuming 155 as opposed to 55 

and based on current  …erm 110-120..? 

Better than I thought , but not enough , but with advance , okay ish 

Am I anywhere near ? 

Okay … mulling 


Maybe something nice in due course at the other ? I meant your other 

what’s the break even amount per week? 

 Going casual – hope something nice might appear after that -not for the want of trying I may add… Continue reading

I tried a gentle jog  a couple of miles , to see if my foot held out – wasn’t too bad .

spent the rest of the day doing diy -heaters , shelves etc – was fairly productive 

and about… Continue reading

There’s an engineer in me yet 😉 How satisfying . ..and i didn’t even have to order any 

You , not him 

you didn’t have to break my other wing mirror off too… now I shall have to fix them grr. 

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