Irrational Thoughts

I have blocked my little play- is rather sweet .mulling over music

My arm. Like the other one ,a year or so back , has seized up – falling apart – mmm- had a cunning thought about living place –… Continue reading

Priced out of everywhere …
Will I ever have a home again
will they ever sort my flippin lease ? So I can sell…The world is never as quick as you’d like it to be.

Yours said there were… Continue reading

I think I will apply for that one , here. – that is very up my street/skills though does not specify salary. Can I have that job ?

Which I could do the first one -but I have a full… Continue reading

Yours is doing better than most – having scrolled through nearly all. In case you wondered .

Tried to find an alternative for tomorrow but not much else I fancy and now I finish too late even to get and… Continue reading

Climbed sugar loaf mountain .

got very lost on the way down and could not locate the car. 5 hours later hitched s rescuer lift from a nice welsh chap . 

Legs hurt- having afternoon tea 

will send you a… Continue reading

;( don’t really want to go and sort out all the mess . Am tired of trying with it all . Want somewhere nice to live 


i prob should not write that …


Do like you though 


creating trees with the disabled kids at discover…bless ’em – rather fab…not that they knew that what they were doing would turn into funky trees. 😉

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