Irrational Thoughts

Have you ever done jury service ?

Called in the summer – not quite sure what to expect.

Do you miss me ?

Or not ?




let’s see what Borris  has to say hey …. what are you doing today ? 

My flat was so cold during the freezing spell – I gave up – my sash windows ( which I do like ) rattled away and the heaters didn’t beat off anything – so I hibernated in my tiny bedroom… Continue reading

My emotions unravelled  into three of them – one ended up inspiring a design – one was over elaborate and over the top  – and one was simply how I felt .

Happy Valentines Day 

I listened to Rennie and Frederica sing… Continue reading


called for jury service … 

As if there are not enough things to juggle 

sigh .

I’m supposed to be having a nice day today –  erm 



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