Irrational Thoughts

18 Dec afternoon 

chess – ♟  ( only the rook and queen qualify ) 

so – how do I give you the previously  mentioned ?


you didn’t answer my last ? 


You were in my dream last night – strangely it was the same dream I had a few months ago …

wonder what that means 


If you want to

i couldn’t sell my soul

though it’s sold on you 

aah well…that was a rather abrupt end to that post.

I haven’t lost my temper since I lost it at you ….

wish hadn’t hurt my foot though – can’t run…rather missing that…

waves – they keep on coming –… Continue reading

If u get bored – fly to Corfu and go to Agni beach on the west side – there you’ll find Toula’s restaurant -situated on a  beautiful bay , watch the boats come in and  order the prawn pilaff- it… Continue reading

Where are you  🙁 

Am tired – can’t carry on with the juggling for too much longer – guess will have to give something  up .




Jelly fish was lovely 

charming . Humble and unfussy

very well cast.

4 from me ( I didn’t like the scene changes – but that’s just me – no one else will mind)


and –

The trouble is my… Continue reading

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