Irrational Thoughts

how was yours?

Did you miss me?

It has been a rubbish week, but today cheered me up, despite some 11th hour technical issues, rescued as the audience filed in. 

when do i see you then?

made it to Broadway- Nearly 😉  

bit stressful…..

they broke back in … so a day with police and solicitors and I am tired and it was supposed to be my holiday week….

how do people live like that…

I feel cross at myself really for… Continue reading

I miss you when you are not there 

What an utter mess my flat is ;( 

still tne bailiffs did evict them 


Did my 4 mile run today …
Though the speed has not altered , it felt much better and it was a pleasant morning for running the canal and moor .
So tomorrow I shall wade through paperwork I… Continue reading

wish the world was quicker to respond – do you have this frustration too ?
wish i knew what to say to you
fancy coming out somewhere? where would we go?

creating trees with the disabled kids at discover…bless ’em – rather fab…not that they knew that what they were doing would turn into funky trees. 😉

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