Irrational Thoughts

I like the blue ones ??  huff .

Whether I’ll make it in time  for 1/2 who knows .

when there are 2 I’ll just do 1’s 

i like the look of 3

though they’ll all like 4 

and if… Continue reading

They wouldn’t let me change it last minute…
The trouble is …
I miss you …

The view across the water  , be it side on , makes me happy – I like to watch the liners cross by day and the twinkle of the far lights in the evening – and for all my draughty… Continue reading

Safety in the known hey .

Finding the next bright thing is hard isn’t it .


Why does what they say mean more than how you feel and what you want ? 

Weirdly – I thought you were there yesterday – I looked , but … maybe was just activity .


Three of them 

one ? 

Others ok – unless I die between now and then 🙂 or you MM

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