Irrational Thoughts

Mum has gone into hosp this eve …

awaiting news 

and it’s now 1 am and the wait continues 

3 am and they are transferring her and keeping her in 

feeling upset with everything else going on .



Was nice to see you …

I wanted to talk to you …

But it all hurts

I was supposed to go running today – but I done in , couldn’t sleep last night – I was feeling anxious… Continue reading

A blast from the past 

What was tHe answer to the ‘book’ question ?


I’d do a proper job with you – full or part 

otherwise, I hope I get my little job back ;( liked my little job

5 miles today – 49 mins…and wasn’t feeling at all in the mood…good effort in the cold


been a bit more chipper today….

how are you ?

what are you planning?

could bring my staged one there;) 

I could play bad piano 🎹 to you. 

My lockdown achievement 

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