Irrational Thoughts

How are you?

what are you doing ? 

Do I get to see you again before then ? 

it all feels rather stressful and I would like something nice – I could go out with you and we could go and do something nice – what would you like to do ? sit and watch the world gp by in the sunshine .

Saw GW this eve . Was v good , if disturbing 

finding it a bit hard to concerntrate with the other stuff rattling on .

Don’t know why them – I think I deserve much better . Am thinking is my new ethos – for better . 

Sometimes it is slightly determined by resources . finances .assistance .wanting to give people a chance to do better themselves  , do  better yourself , be charitable , and then sometimes you run out of steam and energy to keep that going . 

mmm . 



your plan (1 ) is labeled wrongly for A?? and some others post NF

wrong letters – does not match the actual – before mass confusion 


could have helped you on that ..

13 -I don’t have your stars …just my own,  in my own  circle . c 

maybe there will be a hone somewhere for me 




?? Was it on there ??
Was put on the consideration list .. for what that is worth ??

i think your 3 + 1 = too many £ …. perhaps even them out a bit?

some of my opera reviews below…
any suggestions of where or what now?

Modern operas with an irrational twist” ★★★★
As I left the theatre I felt like yodelling along with the score, and I’ve not said that since I saw Frank Ifield live in 1984. Pub Theatres Review

“I’m really glad that Irrational Theatre decided to put on this triptych of rare comic operas, each is so different and funny with a trio of talented performers, wonderful production design and a lovely atmosphere, well worth seeing as the chance of seeing all three again is pretty slim, especially with such good performers.”The Stuart Review

Who said opera had to be stuffy, dense and obtuse? Irrational Theatre presented not one but three miniature one act operas full of frivolity, each as absurd as the last. It may not have been the most refined or sophisticated evening of opera, but its whimsy was infectious. Sometimes fun comes in small packages.
The Gizzler Review

It is always a pleasure to see little known works, but you never know quite what you’re going to get. Irrational Theatre came to the King’s Head yesterday evening What it did have was bags of energy, complete with comedy accents, that made the silliness of this charming operette such fun. If they had been able to inject that energy into The Proposal it may have been more engaging.
Reviewed by Anthony Evans. Planet Hugill

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