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So I did my 3.5 mile run today   Not very quickly , but was my mini fitness aim over the last couple of months having been so unfit for so long and I managed it 🙂 

are you still alive ? Am I ever going to see you ? U need not worry , we are only chums and I am only taking my projects to the sun lounger . Though I confess I would rather like to see u . 

What about spending the rest of your years with me ? What would you like to do? We could have a dog – my old woofie was a cross between a beagle and a sheltie – he was the nicest dog ever , if stubborn but lived for 17 years 

are u going to do PN ?

You did not mark them , so I did not endulge – though I might if u do .





I hoped you’d be there 

was fab to be upgraded to a v Nr place – I like it very near 

she was good inc acting . He, obviously they’ll like , but what do they call it . Holding back . Conserving . I believed her, am not sure I believed him .  TP threw  everything at it – was gr8 to watch .me thinks they borrowed RJ ballet bed ending !!! Set was odd – but loved being v near -i half felt like stepping out and directing them 🙂 

sooo …I miss u 

I will buy if you open one up for sale ?
5? Place? Wish I could move it and put it in a nice place as I am fond of it .

I liked BSC this eve very much. You should go- but only if you dance at the end – which I did . I could have danced with you .

Something rather heartfelt about existing in an ordinary world and for me was nice not to be surrounded by a white reserved middle class – the energy was terrific .

Did not like yesterday at all – left half way – combination.

Do i get to see you?

I wondered about booking 7 but i would have to watch it from miles away…so thought I would do a little play and occupy my want;) 

and now it doesn’t work again…..maybe it is my happy lappy…or is it your site? mmm

I would have liked to have done the play 

but without having to organise it, cast it. find rehearsals for it, fund it 

I am surprised that a theatre like that offers nothing at all 

and I was over tired 

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