Irrational Thoughts

😉 That is better….all back in order.

You ok ?

have you seen C&P? 

I rather liked The Greatest Showman – was a bit American and cheesy – in a kind of fun / beautiful pop video strung together kind of way – fast and feel good…which was more than i could say about Molly’s Game which I hoped would be good and it was alright…hey if we knew what was going to work…


What are they doing with your site . Now displays Jan dates on all of them- you will get in a muddle …

?? What does that mean… don’t cancel it … you can do it . Nothing like adrenaline to get you through …


now what? 

can i sell 3 and leave 7 .

maybe i can find somewhere nice to live…used to like it there…hate it now…has all been ruined. 

MAybe you are right ..
I just wanted to see you and help you .. but I don’t very often .
and you are never at the things I am invited to and vice versa.
I assume as u filtered them, I am alone in that.

I think I just realised how hard it all is, so many talented people with great CVs – cashing and dashing – guess I am doing ok really , all things considered .
Though I do sometimes wonder ( for 10 seconds) if I might be better with s proper job.

+- was a cold run..brrr…

and not a very restful 3 days…

however..a large bowl of pasta and a glass of vino was my treat for loosing some pounds..which of course, now I have eaten and drunk have prob gone back on- hey ho.

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