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You could marry me ? 

Have you any other plans for the next years ? Well , apart from the obvious of course   I could help you with that if you like. 

The 6th run was even less enjoyable – felt over tired. Got through . Stopped half way . 39 

hey ho- have lost weight – that’s good. 

Do I get to see you sometime ? 

What about a little casual/ part time thing – then I would get to see you ‘cos I miss you . 

if I apply to help on one of them ,it will be only for a few weeks and then I will have to go again and it will hurt 

Can I do that ?

Unless you want to let me do something proper ?

or both  or all of them ? 

Whst do you think ?

5th run – still hard going –  38 mins – hoping I might enjoy it one day .

 Was nice to have my MG fixed – it survived  it’s first 20 mile trip after 7 years in a heap -was rather nice-cheered me as if rattled and knocked and generally grunted along 






Do I apply to an agent?

Or find a proper job ?

not sure my shrapnel is really going to work out or hold out  despite my theatrical love of a project .

Did my 4th   3.5 mile run – still feels hard going and am not very quick .

42 mins. 44 mins 40 mins .38 mins. 

Still , round in one piece without stopping – so gold star to self for effort. 

am waiting for the moment I enjoy it – erm. 

Where are you ?

because you put it out when i was on holiday, but then you knew that, and I did not have a laptop to do it ….though I wish I had. 

mosquitoes was fab.

No idea how you’d begin to write that . But was terrific . The two leading ladies were really amazing .

What a v interesting play. 

You could cast ’em 

This evening did make me think i wish I’d had that opportunity – mainly because I thought I could have achieved as good as – and that it would be nice for someone to notice that I can and take s punt. 


To be honest I’d rather watch a play or opera – but I’m coming to support you really and see what you are up to .

i guess it helps the £ 

i could direct there.

I’d like to try another Shakespeare or an epic serious  play – haven’t done many serious things . Pag . Us. RJ . 

Is more budget/ resources .

Tend to have a leaning / flair for comic and quirk .

My MG has been fixed 🙂 it has been off road in a heap for 6 poss 7 years and me thinks in 6 months time it may even be tax exempt it is so old. Aah orange beastie – it lives. It followed you up the road once – actually – you were heading for Kingsway, I was heading the side street. You changed your mind and turned up before me. 

Makes me want to buy another boat too.. hey ho.  If I ever get a proper income to pay for the ludicrous mooring. 

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