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Blimey -urgh

Mmm – ‘Cos I love ❤️ U – which is why I moved to the others- in the hope – see

‘Midnight at the lost and found’

My arm is knackered after tenant hoo ha- am upset ‘cos it still does not work properly .want it to get better. 

So I have …
But the formatting is not working on the form very well and the date when you ‘read more’ is incorrect… no idea who one calls…anyway – have tried with best offered ….;)

Jack Studio Theatre, 21 – 25 August 2018
‘highly recommended for fans of the ridiculous, the comic, and the painfully true.’ ★★★★
The strength of a classic is often judged in its universality. Namely,… Continue reading

I think I will apply for that one , here. – that is very up my street/skills though does not specify salary. Can I have that job ?

Which I could do the first one -but I have a full… Continue reading

creating trees with the disabled kids at discover…bless ’em – rather fab…not that they knew that what they were doing would turn into funky trees. 😉

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