Irrational Thoughts

And a Happy New Year 

walked the beach with the big beastie of a dog ( who’s soooo enormous and sooo lovely ) 

And , over wine and tapas ,played pictionary with my sisters kids .Hey , I’m the pictionary… Continue reading


Another year passes ..

how was yours ?

mine was very mixed .

Hope you have a nice Christmas ✏️ 💛


Not sure what I should do

However- me thinks regarding yours – if you are concerned – I’d take a few of them out the middle 🙂

Blimey -urgh

Mmm – ‘Cos I love ❤️ U – which is why I moved to the others- in the hope – see

‘Midnight at the lost and found’

My arm is knackered after tenant hoo ha- am upset ‘cos it still does not work properly .want it to get better. 

So I have …
But the formatting is not working on the form very well and the date when you ‘read more’ is incorrect… no idea who one calls…anyway – have tried with best offered ….;)

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