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KINGS HEAD THEATRE  - Director/Designer - Leoncavallo's Pagliacci  Oct OPERA

KENNETH BRANAGH AWARD - Director - Waiting for Hamlet -Kenneth Branagh Award PLAY- WINNER 

HERTFORDSHIRE - Director - Grimley's  Maltings Arts Theatre Sept PLAYS

BROCKLEY JACK LONDON   Gogol's Government Inspector new adaptation. August PLAY

UPSTAIRS AT THE GATEHOUSE LONDON  Gogol's Government Inspector new adaptation. July PLAY

OUTDOOR-  Director Falstaff in the Forest - tbc - SHAKESPEARE

LETCHWORTH BROADWAY.  Director/Designer. Lily and Bear. June. MUSICAL

ABBEY THEATRE . Designer. Die Fladermaus.      March. OPERA

KINGS HEAD THEATRE . Director/Designer. A Triptych of Comic Operas.      February. OPERA

Peter Reynolds' The Sands of Time

 John Whittaker's The Proposal

Offenbach's  Le 66

ABBEY THEATRE. Director/Designer. A Triptych of Comic Operas.    February. NEW OPERA/OPERA

    Peter Reynolds' The Sands of Time

 John Whittaker's The Proposal

Offenbach's  Le 66

              THE SPACE LONDON. LONDON  - Director -  Home Time      January . NEW WRITING




KENNETH BRANAGH AWARD - Director .  Home Time        October . NEW WRITING 

KINGS LANGLEY - Director / Designer . Lily and Bear       October.  MUSICAL

ABBEY THEATRE - Director/Designer. Lily and Bear      October .MUSICAL 

ARCOLA THEATRE. Director/Designer. Menotti. Sullivan        August. OPERA

REGIONAL TOUR.Designer . Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore/Pirates of Penzance         June . OPERA

MALTINGS ARTS THEATRE Director/Designer. Sondheim’s A Little Night Music.      May . MUSICAL

ARCOLA THEATRE. Director/Adapted. Lily and Bear by Lisa Stubbs. Lily and Bear.      April. MUSICAL

GBS STUDIO RADA. Director. Last Tango /The Fat Lady Sings- David Tristram.       April. PLAYS

ABBEY THEATRE. Designer. Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance. SACO .       March. OPERA

ROYAL ALBERT HALL. Director / adapted. Lily and Bear by Lisa Stubbs. Lily and Bear.      Feb. MUSICAL



GBS RADA. Director/Designer, Tredinnick’s Up Pompeii. Partnership Theatre. Nov. PLAY

 ST LUKES’ CHELSEA Director. Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas. JLP Music Soc. Oct. OPERA

MALTINGS ARTS. Director/ Designer. Green Man by P Hale/K Walker.  irrational.Oct. PLAYS  

ARCOLA THEATRE. Director/Designer. Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci irrational. Aug. OPERA

ODNEY ESTATE.Director/Designer. Nesbit’s The Railway Children. Partnership Theatre. July. PLAY

CHILTERN OUTDOOR. Director/Designer. Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors. June.PLAY


ARTS THEATRE.WESTEND.Director / Designer. Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci. Jan. OPERA

OXFORD TOUR.Director/Designer. Menotti’s Old Maid & the Thief. Opera Anywhere.            Various OPERA

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OXFORD TOUR - DIRECTOR AND DESIGNER - Menotti's The Old Maid and the Thief. Opera anywhere - OPERA

ENGLISH TOURING OPERA - Designer - Mighty Mega Stafford  Discover Centre. Nov. OPERA

MALTINGS ARTS . Director/Designer. Gay’s Beggars Opera - SACO. Oct. OPERA

MALTINGS ARTS. Producer. Frieda Loves Ya! byRebecca Kenny. Irrational. Sept- BURLESQUE.

GBS STUDIO . RADA . /BARN WELWYN.Director/Designer. Leigh’s Abigail’s Party Irrational.  Sept- PLAY

UNICORN THEATRE. OXFORD. Director/Designer. Whitikar's Three Wayfarers. Opera Anywhere. May OPERA

ST JAMES THEATRE. LONDON. Designer - Murder in space and time - Partnership. April. PLAY

WHITE BEAR, LONDON . Director/designer - Puccini /Menotti /Sullivan / Claire Dowie's  and Norland . Irrational theatre Jan . OPERA

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KENNETH BRANNAGH AWARD – Director/designer. No Cure for The Horse Chestnuts by K Walker –Windsor Fringe. Oct PLAY

MALTINGS ARTS THEATRE - Producer. Claire Dowi's. H to He / John Lennon’s wearing a Skirt Irrational theatre/solo co prod. - Oct STAND UP

COLSTON HALL BRISTOLREGIONAL TOUR Director/designer.Gilbert and Sullivan's Jubliee Mikado. Opera Anywhere. 2012- 2015 Opera. Note the current Mikado for Opera Anywhere is directed and designed by someone else.

MALTINGS ARTS THEATRE – Producer. Evening of Opera Aria's and bite sized theatre- Irrational theatre. Sept. OPERAPLAYS

MALTINGS ARTS THEATRE – Director/designer. Flash and Bloo Hoo By Jane Fookes irrational theatre. May PLAYS

ABBEY THEATRE MAIN HOUSE – Designer.- Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte - SACO - March OPERA

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 BARONS COURT THEATRE. LONDON .Director/Designer. Menotti’s The Telephone and Sullivan’s Cox and Box. OPERA

MALTINGS ARTS . Director. Designer. Bedford’s Pantomime- Cinderella and the Soul Sisters- PANTOMINE

REGIONAL TOUR . Disigner. Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzanse – Opera Anywhere. Various dates. OPERA

REGIONAL TOUR ,Director/Designer.  Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado Varoius. OPERA

MALTINGS ARTS. Director/Designer. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, irrational . May .SHAKESPEARE.

GBS STUDIO . RADA. Alan Acyborn’s Improbable fiction . JLP April. PLAY

ABBEY THEATRE MAIN HOUSE – Director.designer. Bizet’s Carmen. SACO. March. OPERA

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REGIONAL TOUR – Directir/designer - Sullivan’s The Mikado Opera Anywhere. Various Dates. - OPERA

MALTINGS ARTS THEATRE – Director/designer.Sullivan’s Trial By Jury, SACO . Oct. OPERA

KENNETH BRANAGH AWARD . Director/Designer. Sethoy’s Scrambled Eggs. Windsor frnge. Oct. PLAYS

NORDON ARTS. Designer. Charlotte Jones’ Humble Boy. - JLP .  April. PLAY

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 MALTIINGS ARTS . Director/Designer. Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors. OVO . Sept. Shakespeare.

ROYAL OPERA HOUSE . Assistant director to Richard Jones on Puccini's Il Trittico June - Sept OPERA.

ST SAVIOUR'S CHURCH. Director/Designer. Lampe’s Dragon of Wantley. SACO - May. OPERA

ABBEY THEATRE MAIN HOUSE. Designer.  Sullivan’s Yeoman of the Guard.- SACO - March. OPERA

ROYAL OPERA HOUSE - Assistant director/observer to Richard Jones on Turnages' Anna Nicole -  Jan. OPERA

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PUDDING LANE . Co Director/designer ,Chekov’s Three Sister’s . Ovo Thatre. PLAY

MALTINGS ARTS. Director/designer Pasatieri La Divina - SACO - Oct OPERA

NORDEN ARTS . Maidenhead. Designer. Auburn’s Proof - JLP . April. PLAY

ABBEY THEATRE MAIN HOUSE. Designer. Rossini’s Elixir of Love. SACO - March. OPERA

ABBEY THEATRE STUDIO . Director/Designer. O’Neil’s Hughie - Irrational . PLAY

ABBEY THEATRE MAIN HOUSE . Designer. Babe the sheep pig. Jan.  PLAY

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