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LETCHWORTH BROADWAY.  Director/Designer. Lily and Bear. June. MUSICAL

OLD TOWN HALL. HEMEL HEMPSTEAD Director/Designer. Lily and Bear . June. MUSICAL

ABBEY THEATRE . Designer. Die Fladermaus.      March. OPERA

KINGS HEAD THEATRE . Director/Designer. A Triptych of Comic Operas.      February. OPERA

Peter Reynolds' The Sands of Time

 John Whittaker's The Proposal

Offenbach's  Le 66

ABBEY THEATRE. Director/Designer. A Triptych of Comic Operas.      February. OPERA

    Peter Reynolds' The Sands of Time

 John Whittaker's The Proposal

Offenbach's  Le 66

              THE SPACE . ONE Festival - Director. Home Time      January . NEW WRITING

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2018 – Triptych of Comic Operas- Kings Head Theatre . London

★★★★ Stuart Review

Modern operas with an irrational twist”

★★★★ Pub Theatres Review
As I left the theatre I felt like yodelling along with the score, and I’ve not said that since
I saw Frank Ifield live in 1984.

★★★ The Gizzler Review
Who said opera had to be stuffy, dense and obtuse? Irrational Theatre presented not one but three miniature one act operas full of frivolity, each as absurd as the last.
It may not have been the most refined or sophisticated evening of opera,
but its whimsy was infectious. Sometimes fun comes in small packages.

★★★ Reviewed by Anthony Evans. Planet Hugill
It is always a pleasure to see little known works, but you never know quite what you’re going to get. Irrational Theatre came to the King’s Head yesterday evening What it did have was bags of energy, complete with comedy accents, that made the silliness of this charming operette such fun. If they had been able to inject that energy into The Proposal it may have been more engaging.


★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ Publications to follow

The Space. London

In Home Time by David Hendon,

Directed by Paula Chitty, Cast. Elizabeth George.





KENNETH BRANAGH AWARD - Director .  Home Time        October . NEW WRITING 

KINGS LANGLEY - Director / Designer . Lily and Bear       October.  MUSICAL

ABBEY THEATRE - Director/Designer. Lily and Bear      October .MUSICAL 

ARCOLA THEATRE. Director/Designer. Menotti. Sullivan        August. OPERA

REGIONAL TOUR.Designer . Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore/Pirates of Penzance         June . OPERA

MALTINGS ARTS THEATRE Director/Designer. Sondheim’s A Little Night Music.      May . MUSICAL

ARCOLA THEATRE. Director/Adapted. Lily and Bear by Lisa Stubbs. Lily and Bear.      April. MUSICAL

GBS STUDIO RADA. Director. Last Tango /The Fat Lady Sings- David Tristram.       April. PLAYS

ABBEY THEATRE. Designer. Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance. SACO .       March. OPERA

ROYAL ALBERT HALL. Director / adapted. Lily and Bear by Lisa Stubbs. Lily and Bear.      Feb. MUSICAL

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2017 Sondheim’s A Little Night Music.

Maltings Arts Theatre. St Albans.

A Great Little Night Out …. Clever use of minimal props, pinpoint timing from performers and Paula’s clear vision of how it should be staged in such a small space. It was a revelation.

Even byte publication



GBS RADA. Director/Designer, Tredinnick’s Up Pompeii. Partnership Theatre. Nov. PLAY

 ST LUKES’ CHELSEA Director. Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas. JLP Music Soc. Oct. OPERA

MALTINGS ARTS. Director/ Designer. Green Man by P Hale/K Walker.  irrational.Oct. PLAYS  

ARCOLA THEATRE. Director/Designer. Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci irrational. Aug. OPERA

ODNEY ESTATE.Director/Designer. Nesbit’s The Railway Children. Partnership Theatre. July. PLAY

CHILTERN OUTDOOR. Director/Designer. Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors. June.PLAY


ARTS THEATRE.WESTEND.Director / Designer. Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci. Jan. OPERA

OXFORD TOUR.Director/Designer. Menotti’s Old Maid & the Thief. Opera Anywhere.            Various OPERA

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Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci – Arcola Grimeborn Festival . London

Directed and designed by Paula Chitty 30th August – 3rd September 2016


2015 Feb Director/ Designer Three Wayfarers Opera Anywhere.
17-21st New opera Orchestra. Cast 15 Unicorn Theatre. Abingdon

‘The Three Wayfarers makes for splendid entertainment and is guaranteed to send the audience home with a smile. ‘Stephen Connock MBE Chairman Albion Records

Had a great time watching a new opera The Three Wayfarers at The Unicorn Theatre, Very enjoyable performance!Jane May

Loved John Whittaker’s new opera Three Wayfarers this evening – wonderful piece! Congrats on another great production. Fab cast . Special mention for excellent 13-year-old fiddler. Nicola Lisle




OXFORD TOUR - DIRECTOR AND DESIGNER - Menotti's The Old Maid and the Thief. Opera anywhere - OPERA

ENGLISH TOURING OPERA - Designer - Mighty Mega Stafford  Discover Centre. Nov. OPERA

MALTINGS ARTS . Director/Designer. Gay’s Beggars Opera - SACO. Oct. OPERA

MALTINGS ARTS. Producer. Frieda Loves Ya! byRebecca Kenny. Irrational. Sept- BURLESQUE.

GBS STUDIO . RADA . /BARN WELWYN.Director/Designer. Leigh’s Abigail’s Party Irrational.  Sept- PLAY

UNICORN THEATRE. OXFORD. Director/Designer. Whitikar's Three Wayfarers. Opera Anywhere. May OPERA

ST JAMES THEATRE. LONDON. Designer - Murder in space and time - Partnership. April. PLAY

WHITE BEAR, LONDON . Director/designer - Puccini /Menotti /Sullivan / Claire Dowie's  and Norland . Irrational theatre Jan . OPERA

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2015 Jan Director/ Designer Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi White Bear Theatre.
6-17th Producer (Opera) Cast 10. Piano London

2015 Jan Director/Designer Menotti’s The Telephone White Bear Theatre
6-17th Producer Sullivan’s Cox and Box London
(Opera /New writing) Norland’s Cycle

Smashes opera’s cosy convention with a laugh- London theatre Bubble

The entire performance was a complete delight, a cast of 10 accompanied by a young BBC
Piano finalist ensure a great success. John Manning. Herts Advertiser

‘Sublime singing, performed with gusto. It wraps Menotti’s The Telephone around Arthur Sullivan’s Cox and Box and a new play. First rate and compelling. It is well worth going along.’




KENNETH BRANNAGH AWARD – Director/designer. No Cure for The Horse Chestnuts by K Walker –Windsor Fringe. Oct PLAY

MALTINGS ARTS THEATRE - Producer. Claire Dowi's. H to He / John Lennon’s wearing a Skirt Irrational theatre/solo co prod. - Oct STAND UP

COLSTON HALL BRISTOLREGIONAL TOUR Director/designer.Gilbert and Sullivan's Jubliee Mikado. Opera Anywhere. 2012- 2015 Opera. Note the current Mikado for Opera Anywhere is directed and designed by someone else.

MALTINGS ARTS THEATRE – Producer. Evening of Opera Aria's and bite sized theatre- Irrational theatre. Sept. OPERAPLAYS

MALTINGS ARTS THEATRE – Director/designer. Flash and Bloo Hoo By Jane Fookes irrational theatre. May PLAYS

ABBEY THEATRE MAIN HOUSE – Designer.- Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte - SACO - March OPERA

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2014 June Designer / Director Gilbert and Sullivan’s Opera Anywhere.
Costumes.(Opera) The Mikado orchestra/piano regional Tour

Review. ‘Entertaining production, plenty to enjoy with a cast of mainly young
Professional delivering Gilbert’s humour with evident relish.’


2014 March Designer Mozart’s Cosi Fan Tutte St Albans Chamber Opera
(opera) Abbey Theatre. Herts.
Review: Excellent set design by Paula Chitty – John Manning




 BARONS COURT THEATRE. LONDON .Director/Designer. Menotti’s The Telephone and Sullivan’s Cox and Box. OPERA

MALTINGS ARTS . Director. Designer. Bedford’s Pantomime- Cinderella and the Soul Sisters- PANTOMINE

REGIONAL TOUR . Disigner. Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzanse – Opera Anywhere. Various dates. OPERA

REGIONAL TOUR ,Director/Designer.  Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado Varoius. OPERA

MALTINGS ARTS. Director/Designer. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, irrational . May .SHAKESPEARE.

GBS STUDIO . RADA. Alan Acyborn’s Improbable fiction . JLP April. PLAY

ABBEY THEATRE MAIN HOUSE – Director.designer. Bizet’s Carmen. SACO. March. OPERA

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2013 Nov Director/ (Musical pantomime)Bedford’s Cinderella and irrational theatre
Designer and costumes The Soul Sisters. The Maltings Theatre.

Review: ‘It was hilarious. Performed by an enthusiastic cast with a penchant for quick changes. Paula Chitty directed with all the originality an audience have come to expect’


2013 May Director/ Designer Romeo and Juliet irrational theatre
9th – 19th producer/ Costumes Shakespeare Maltings Theatre. St Albans

Review’One of the best interpretations of the play I have ever seen and I have seen a few…
not only was it quirky, but it had a freshness that local theatre often lacks’


2013 April Director (Play) Improbable Fiction
9 – 13th Designer Alan Ayckbourn GBS STUDIO Rada. London

Review ‘Clear vision of director Paula Chitty’ ‘showing truth and daring – a convincing fiction’


2013 March Director/Designer Carmen – Bizet St Albans Chamber Opera
18 – 24rd (opera) cast 30 + orchestra

Review ‘A very high standard of production’




REGIONAL TOUR – Directir/designer - Sullivan’s The Mikado Opera Anywhere. Various Dates. - OPERA

MALTINGS ARTS THEATRE – Director/designer.Sullivan’s Trial By Jury, SACO . Oct. OPERA

KENNETH BRANAGH AWARD . Director/Designer. Sethoy’s Scrambled Eggs. Windsor frnge. Oct. PLAYS

NORDON ARTS. Designer. Charlotte Jones’ Humble Boy. - JLP .  April. PLAY

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2012 Oct Director (Opera) Trial by Jury St Albans Chamber Opera
Designer Gilbert and Sullivan Maltings Theatre. Herts

Review:’Probably the most amusing production of the show I have ever seen. Paula Chitty demonstrated with minimal resources and enthusiastic performers a really impressive show can be presented’


2012 June Director (Opera) The Mikado Opera Anywhere, Regional Tour
Tour Designer/Costumes Gilbert and Sullivan

Review: ‘Delightful performance with really excellent singing!’




 MALTIINGS ARTS . Director/Designer. Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors. OVO . Sept. Shakespeare. 

ROYAL OPERA HOUSE . Assistant director to Richard Jones on Puccini's Il Trittico June - Sept OPERA.

ST SAVIOUR'S CHURCH. Director/Designer. Lampe’s Dragon of Wantley. SACO - May. OPERA

ABBEY THEATRE MAIN HOUSE. Designer.  Sullivan’s Yeoman of the Guard.- SACO - March. OPERA

ROYAL OPERA HOUSE - Assistant director/observer to Richard Jones on Turnages' Anna Nicole -  Jan. OPERA




PUDDING LANE . Co Director/designer ,Chekov’s Three Sister’s . Ovo Thatre. PLAY

MALTINGS ARTS. Director/designer Pasatieri La Divina - SACO - Oct OPERA

NORDEN ARTS . Maidenhead. Designer. Auburn’s Proof - JLP . April. PLAY

ABBEY THEATRE MAIN HOUSE. Designer. Rossini’s Elixir of Love. SACO - March. OPERA

ABBEY THEATRE STUDIO . Director/Designer. O’Neil’s Hughie - Irrational . PLAY

ABBEY THEATRE MAIN HOUSE . Designer. Babe the sheep pig. Jan.  PLAY