Waiting for Hamlet – Windsor Award MP3 sample

Directed by Paula Chitty. Written by David Visick with Edmund Dehn and Liz George.


Lily and Bear – A musical for kids.
Direction and stage design by Paula Chitty
From the Book by Lisa Stubbs, Published by Boxer Books.
Filmed by Andy Martin/ Edited by Neil Purcell

Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci- Sections.
Directed, designed and adapted by Paula Chitty
Filmed by Bob Simpson



Reynolds’ The Sands Of Time snippet

Directed and designed by Paula Chitty

Cast. Lucy Elston, Lawrence Panter and Andrew Sparling

Offenbach’s Le 66 – sections

Directed and Designed by Paula Chitty

Cast. Lucy Elston. Lawrence Panter and Andrew Sparling

The Proposal – opera based on the play by Anton Chekov

Directed by Paula Chitty . Composed by John Whittaker. 


The Three Wayfarers
Directed and designed by Paula Chitty,
Composed by John Whittaker based on The play by Thomas Hardy
Filmed by Max Horsley. Opening by John Anderson

The Three Wayfarers