Irrational Quicks 2

Seven Streams | Venue – NT | Rating 5. Standout – Robert Lepage and his ideas

7 hours later and a standing ovation.I loved  this – the minimal words, the long poeti sequences of lives unfolding against the tragedy and chatter of life .I must have seen this in the mid nineties and its revival has stood the test of time – out shining many of today’s productions. ‘The word destroys the thought’ and this leaves you with much to think about. 

Elton John – It’s a little bit funny | upstairs at The Gatehouse | rating 3.5 | standout -Elton’s songs in a small space.

I wanted to give this more tubs – but this is a very good cover band with a lead who can play and sing very well – however , the script is painfully poor and the story aspect was very uncharismatic with no fills ( or frocks ) Songs and playing were undeniably  good- so if youjust want a cover concert- you won’t go far wrong – if you are after more- it’s a little bit …disappointing