The Government Inspector. Upstairs at the Gatehouse and Brockley Jack

By | 8 May 2018

A new adaptation of Gogol’s great satire

As the lights flicker…
it’s 1979 in Worsborough Dale.
A letter arrives..   **** 4 Stars

Upstairs at the Gatehouse / Brockley Jack

The Government Inspector
JULY 11th / 12th – Up Stairs at The Gatehouse. Highgate 

AUGUST – 21st – 25th 7.30 pm Brockley Jack. SE4 

Nikolai Gogol
produced by irrational theatre
adapted by Paula Chitty

**** 4 Stars. Reviews to be updated shortly

As the lights flicker… it’s 1979 in Worsborough Dale.

A letter arrives…

announcing the arrival of a government inspector, incognito, and ready to root out the town’s rampant corruption, which sends the crooked council chairman and his bureaucrats into a panicked frenzy.

A web of lies and bribery follows in this comic satire of a small town’s utter madness, shadiness and self delusion.

Nobody is free from the taint of ravenous self-interest, bureaucracy, buffoonery and more. Their actions are held up to scorn and ridicule in this hilarious yet moral tale. irrational theatre presents a new play, adapted from Gogol’s great satire.

Cast: Bernarc O;Sullivan Fiona Vivian, Richard Wilmot,, Elizabeth George,, Richard Houghton-Evans,, Jack Blue,, Robert Mclachlan,, Kieran Doyle,, John Stivey.

Creatives: Director/Designer Paula Chitty. Adaption – Paula Chitty. Lighting design Adam Brook/ Bob Grover. Production and stage manager Kate Reynolds