Agatha Christie/Peter Hale-Kings Head Theatre

By | 10 April 2019

Agatha Christie’s The Rats
Peter Hale’s A Small Step for England!

18th May – 3 pm 

Kings Head Theatre

Agatha Christie Christie’s dark and chilling play, The Rats
A treat for those who love Agatha Christie – one of her perplexing shorter plays in all its intrigue and deceit. ‘Miss Christie bring to the horror piece The Rats a highly ingenious plot,’ said The Stage.

The Rats Copyright © 1961 Agatha Christie Limited. All rights reserved.
AGATHA CHRISTIE is a registered trademark of Agatha Christie Limited in the UK and elsewhere. All rights reserved.

Peter Hale’s satire, A Small Step for England!
A bit of light relief – yes, England still has something to give the world. In or out, we can still shake it all about.

Cast: Emily O’Mahony / Michael McGarry / Peter Hale/ Anne Murray,

Director and Designer – Paula Chitty

Lighting Bob Grover

Sound operation, Paula Chitty

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Saturday 18th May 3 pm


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and Sunday 30th June 7.30pm

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