Monkey. Journey to the west – Royal Opera House – 2008

By | 2 September 2008

Thoughts: Despite my two tub rating, there were some good points. A young audience which gave the foyers a pop concert buzz and a smile. The idea as a whole which was created by the team behind Gorillaz (Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn), Monkey: Journey to the West, is an opera which premiered at Manchester International Festival in 2007. With lyrics based on ancient Chinese texts and performed in Mandarin.

The piece opened with some beautiful animation. The music was interesting, performed by both European and Chinese musicians and singers.

…but as it unfolded the theatre staging failed to match the bold animated film and as for the Monkey and his journey – I wish he hadn’t made it

About: I don’t know – A monkey journeys to the west – he’s aggressive and irritating and as a result gets on the wrong side of all and ends up fighting everything in sight. That’s my version of it anyway. Battle after battle after battle (yawn) Perhaps life is like that? An endless battle until we stop, find peace, curtain. (if one could turn back time hey)

Should you go? Buy a cheap ticket and enjoy the good bits, maybe on an aisle, as there is no interval