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Burnt by the sun – National Theatre 2009

A play of two halves – it took a bit of warming up – but was nicely crafted – and the timing had improved greatly from the previews, full review to follow. i can’t decide between 3 or 4 tubs. All for the glass half full / love approach….

King Lear – Young Vic 2009

Thoughts. Earlier in the week I had been putting together some props for my directing course and Oedipus scene. I had decided on an organic red and yellow building block and sand tray affair – I was feeling rather nervous about introducing my madness to the actors –

Appris Par Corps – Mime Festival. 2008

Thoughts: A must for everyone Appris par corps. Absolutely – terrific. Breathtaking!! This goes down as one of the best things I’ve seen in ages. Conceived and devised by Frederic Arsenault & Alaxandre Fray – ‘ Un Loup Pour I’Homme’ – which translates to ‘man is to man a wolf’ This was part of the… Read More »

The reader – Film 2008

Thoughts: What a sad film. Beautifully performed and directed. The tapestry and heart ache of life. Adaptated by David Hare and directed by Stephen Daldry Set in the 1950’s. Kate Winslet plays Hanna, who accidentally meets Michael (David Kross), a teenage school boy. They end up

Oedipus – Sophocles – National Theatre 2008

Thoughts. The thing I liked most about this production was not the lead part, but Alan Howard – playing the blind Teiresias – what a lovely performance. He’s marvellous to watch, quirky, interesting and slurring his way through the text. Oedipus by Sophocles – a new version by Frank McGuinness.

Middle c – Wapping power station 2008

Thoughts: what an interesting building. Unfortunately Wapping is almost impossible to get to now the London underground is out of action – so a long walk from Tower Hill to the power station. I went to see the video art installation – a 16 minute film based on the sea –

Royal Opera House – open house day 2008

Thoughts: Well done to the roh who pulled out all the stops for a wonderful open day – ROH OPEN UP – was the first time the roh had participated in Open Rehearsal. Celebrating the launch of the Cultural Olympiad.

Walworth Farce – National Theatre 2008

Thoughts: A masterpiece of madness – though in the first half I wasn’t sure – it’s a farce, though dark. A play performed within a play. Some of the frantic moments of the play, within the play, so to speak, were less interesting than those quieter darker moments of the family shut in a Walworth… Read More »