Appris Par Corps – Mime Festival. 2008

By | 20 December 2008

Thoughts: A must for everyone

Appris par corps.

Absolutely – terrific. Breathtaking!! This goes down as one of the best things I’ve seen in ages. Conceived and devised by Frederic Arsenault & Alaxandre Fray – ‘ Un Loup Pour I’Homme’ – which translates to ‘man is to man a wolf’

This was part of the mime festival – it was just beautiful, I had a lump in my throat and they had cheers of appreciation at the end.

These two young men ‘ Un Loup Pour I’Homme’ arrive on stage in their shabby tracksuit tops and bottoms, they run, crawl, fight, dance, weave and stand on every bit of each other and climb in and out of each others tops! Preying on each other. . What was breathtaking was the trust, love and passion that these two had. It was physical, sometimes very aggressive, and sometimes just beautiful. It reminded me of the changes in the ocean. The calm and storm. I’d love that kind of creative relationship with someone… it was indeed beyond words… and I can’t recommend them enough – see them.

I NEED A NEW TUB RATING – THEY GET 10!!!!! – google them – you’ll find some great examples of their work