King Lear – Young Vic 2009

By | 2 February 2009

Thoughts. Earlier in the week I had been putting together some props for my directing course and Oedipus scene. I had decided on an organic red and yellow building block and sand tray affair – I was feeling rather nervous about introducing my madness to the actors – then by chance I went to see King Lear directed by Rupert Goold

Pete Postlethwaite plays King Lear.

I wasn’t entirely sure where or in what period this was set – it was modern day ish and consisted of all sorts of gimmicks, vast bleak grey corrugated set, heaps of descending steps (you may well ask how I know that they were descending – ah) helicopters, lashing rain, swinging light bulbs, a pregnant Goneril (Caroline Faber) and on the subject of my coloured building blocks, plastic red and yellow children’s swords (set Giles Cadle) – there is hope!!

It’s certainly not dull, and there’s plenty of blood and horror. I’m not sure that this got very good reviews in Liverpool, but i rather liked it.