Middle c – Wapping power station 2008

By | 28 October 2008

Thoughts: what an interesting building. Unfortunately Wapping is almost impossible to get to now the London underground is out of action – so a long walk from Tower Hill to the power station. I went to see the video art installation – a 16 minute film based on the sea – which I kind of enjoyed. I was also taken by the building – an old power station, with all the old machinery, and in amongst the machinery; tables – for it’s now a restaurant. Would anyone like to come to dinner with me there?

Weave your way through the tables and down some steps and you’ll find a dark, cold , brick basement with all the old pipes that run along the walls. There you’ll find the screening of middle c. I rather liked the piece. It’s bleak, a lonely journey across the ocean on a rather empty boat with rather nice sounds of the crashing sea…not unlike my lonely walk from Tower Hill to the power station – perhaps i’ll make an installation of that? Perhaps i’ll finish some of my reviews? …oh for a few more hours in the day.