The Lives of others – Film – 2008

By | 2 July 2008

Thoughts: Not my usual thing as I am more passionate about theatre – but I have seen three films recently and this one goes down as one of the best – it has stayed firmly with me and hence it gets a mention – ‘Magnificent and unmissable’ says the poster – I agree! Get it out on DVD.

About: A psychological and political thriller about the East European government keeping tabs on the lives of its population in the 1980’s.

A brutal official is given the job of spying on an acclaimed playwright and his girlfriend. He relishes the task, but the more he listens to their passions and ideas the more he reflects on his own life and the morality of his job. He starts to walk a dangerous path between duty and newfound reality.

Direction. Production: Outstanding – I was so engrossed that I forgot within ten minutes that it had subtitles – beautifully written and directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. Heartfelt. Gave you faith in mankind.